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Prof. Aron Shai

Pro-Rector of Tel-Aviv University 2015-
Departments of History and East Asian Studies
The Shoul N. Eisenberg Professor for East Asian Affairs

Authored academic books on China's modern history published in England, the United States, China and Israel.


  • Pro-Rector of Tel Aviv University 2015-

  • Rector (Provost) of Tel Aviv University 2010-2015

  • The Incumbent of the Shoul N. Eisenberg Chair for East Asian Affairs.

  • Main field of research: modern history with special emphasis on East Asian studies.

  • Author of eleven books and an editor of many others.

  • Between 1972 and 2018 published over 50 articles and chapters in scientific and academic journals and edited books.

  • Courses on modern history, China's contemporary history and political economy and on various issues relating to Israel studies.

Served as a Guest/Visiting Professor at St. Antony's College and Mansfield College, Oxford; University of Toronto; Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociales, Sciences Po and CERI, Paris; East-Asian Institute, Columbia University, New York; New York University, New York and the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He is a frequent visitor at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.


Served as the Chair of the History Curriculum Committee of the Ministry of Education, as member of the Council of Higher Education and as the Chair of the History and East Asian Studies Departments, Tel-Aviv University. Likewise, served as Director at two insurance companies, "The Israel Phoenix Assurance Company Ltd." and at "ICIC - The Israel Credit Insurance Company Ltd."

B.A. in History and Philosophy and an M.A. in History cum laude, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, D. Phil., St. Antony's College, University of Oxford.


Papers presented at scientific meetings:

Between 1972 and 2018 over 50 papers were presented at scientific meetings in more than 20 different countries. The topics of these papers were, for example:



Sino-Israeli Relations - A Fifty Year Perspective     The Indirect Nationalization of Foreign Firms in China in the 1950s     The Second Sino-Japanese War and the Second World War: The Same War?     Captive Imperialism: Britain's Withdrawal from China, 1941-1954      Appeasement in East Asia     Triangle in International Relations: Japan, China and the Soviet Union     The 1956 War - The Last Imperial War or an Imperial Hangover?      Israel's Foreign Policy     Curriculum Planning Reforms and the Forging of Israeli Identity     The Fate of the Uninhabited Arab Villages in Israel Archeology and Politics in Israel     Teaching Jewish and World    History in Israel      Jerusalem - A personal historical perspective on the City's Jewish Sepharadi Community      Teaching Israeli History - Negotiating the Textbook Controversy

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